One question we face a lot from clients and even curious signs who are a little dubious about astrology (particularly capricorns) is what are you suppose to do if you love someone you are not astrologically compatible with? Is there a danger people will abandon loved ones based on an astrological view?

Our answer. Absolutely not. True love has climbed mountains far higher than an astrological clash. Look at Romeo and Juliet or in more contemporary terms Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon. Now there is a Gemini and Sagittarius who are a classic astro- hell that we predict wedding bells. They have overcome their incompatibility challenges with love, light and a good dollop of laughter.

A little closer to home, Shan and I both have family members who are not the easiest astrological matches that we love enough to work through, in order to forge the best relationships.

So lets be clear, we do in no way want to encourage the use of astrology to walk away from relationships and signs that we clash with. We want to teach people to use astrology to make those relationships better. More importantly to avoid the problems we have studied and experienced can occur if people do not develop understanding for one another.

Our aim is to create as many harmonious, happy relationships as possible using the stars as our guide. What we will say is at times it does take just as much courage to let go than to hold on to something that is not right for us. We are here to help and guide people to make the best possible choices for themselves using astrology. Any relationship can work with three ingredients, commitment, love and understanding.

Please get in touch if you feel a relationship needs a sprinkle of the stars to help it rise to best.


If in doubt, look to the stars.