Want to know the best thing about learning astrology? It can help improve your own lives. Especially when it comes to relationships. We have studied each sign in this department extensively and rounded up for you the one top tip you can adopt from each sign. Look at it as a kind of pick and mix to take from it what you want and apply to your own relationships accordingly. Here goes starting of with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo’s.

Aries- Keep it as fun as the first date

The most important thing to an Aries in a relationship is to maintain the initial thrill of the start. There is a tendency to relax into the routine of a comfortable companionship. Complacency kicks in and before you know it your even farting in front of one another. This risks losing that excitement experienced when things are fresh and new. Why? Aries will simply not stand for it, they expect the dates, holidays and good times to keep on rolling and this in effect keeps the relationship doing the same.

Taurus- Be consistent

Taurus do not rush into things unless they are committed. They apply this approach to their relationships so when they do decide to take it the next level they are in it for the long haul. Their consistency is reassuring, they ride the highs and lows and make great long term partners. They are always plugging away in the background ensuring the relationship runs smoothly.

Gemini- Stay curious

Gemini’s are the peter pans of the zodiac. They are always looking to discover something new, be it people, places or adventures. When it comes to relationships they will always be looking to explore their partner in a new way and encourage them to evolve. It is so important to stay curious, interested and open to different side of our partners and embrace any changes they make from who they are when you first meet to who the become along your journey together.

Cancer- Always be there

You might find a cancer singing the theme tune of friends to their loved ones “il be there for you, when the rain starts to fall’ and this they will. Cancer’s have a very realistic view of life and know that it is full of ups and downs. The great thing about a Cancer is in bad times they really show how much they love and support you and will never bail when the shit hits the fan.

Leo- Celebrate each other

Leo’s love to show their partners how special they are through physical expression. They wouldn’t be shy of performing a ballad or making any other grand gesture. As long as it makes their love feel like the most special person in the world. Leo’s enjoy the art of celebration and are very generous in ensuring their beloved is the main attraction. Expect flowers and romantic showers, Leo’s love to win and they will do what it takes to do so when it comes to the heart of those they desire.

Keep posted for the top tips from Libra- Pisces coming up this week.


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