Each sign holds a key strength we can learn from when it comes to relationships. After looking at Aries- Leo, lets now take a look at what Libra- Aquarius has to offer when it comes to improving our relationships.

Libra- Maintain harmony

Relationships can get rocky at times no matter what your sign. Life stinks sometimes and we can take it out on those we love most, aren’t they lucky? This is where we can take a leaf out of Libra’s book and always aim to regain harmony and balance when the storm settles. Even if it takes an apology and a bunch of flowers or booking a meal out, make an effort to make up quickly after any blip and restore a level of bliss.

Virgo- Maintenance baby

Virgo’s have a love of beauty. They appreciate the natural state of nature as much as carefully constructed buildings.They also apply this to people. Not that they are superficial, far from it, virgo men especially are not really after a perfect looking bimbo. still they have a desire that is driven by physical attraction. They have an eye for those who look after themselves physically and mentally so I guess the message from Virgo is as to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best throughout a relationship. Maintaining physical and mental wellness has a knock on effect on romance.

Scorpio- Stay loyal

Scorpio’s are the most intense sign of the zodiac in many ways and they certainly up the ante when it comes to loyalty. One thing we can learn from our Scorpio’s is to remember to always have our partners backs, yes even if they have pissed us off that morning. Loyalty is an important ingredient for a long term relationship, and luckily for Scorpio’s this comes as standard when they give someone their heart.

Sagittarius- Be spontaneous

If you have a sag as a partner, boredom will never be an issue for you. They know how to keep a relationship alive through the power of spontaneity. Last minute changes of plans, moving life into new directions, the relationship can constantly be changing dynamic. They teach us that as the years roll by, the fire doesn’t have to burn out.

Capricorn- Work hard

Relationships like everything we want to be successful in, do require a little bit of work. Capricorns are always willing to put in the hours and effort it takes to keep theirs going strong. When things get tough, so do they. They do not walk away, and this is sometimes the easy way out for too many of us.

Aquarius- Respect each others freedom

Space and freedom within a relationship to be yourself and maintain your identity is crucial. The purpose of a relationship is the coming together of two people and the sharing of beautiful minds and energies. Merging into each other is not beneficial, and Aquarius will run a mile if this is the case. Keeping up with your own creative endeavours, friends and having time for yourself is what can turn a relationship from short term- ever lasting. After all absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Pisces- Go with the flow

Pisces have a wonderful way of going with the flow in a relationship. They are not busy planning ahead, children, marriage and picking houses before the second date. They enjoy things as they go, embracing the moment and accepting that expectation leads to disappointment. The only certainty in life is breath, trying to control romance and people is a wasted endeavour enjoy if for what it is say by day and make the most of it.

We hope that a dose of all the sign traits, when needed, can revitalise existing relationships and even kickstart start new ones.

Here’s to a summer of love, happy July.

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