We had a long chat with a perplexed Gemini yesterday afternoon. She was wondering why she is finding it hard to create a good relationship with her sister. We asked her to explain and this is what we got;

Gemini: ” I feel she doesn’t understand me or want to speak to me. When she does all I get is criticism or a cold attitude. I hoped things might get better as we got older and it just gets worse. I am worried if we don’t sort this out we might end up completely not talking and I don’t know what to do to make things better”

Zodiach: “Have you tried to talk to her about this, one to one, told her how your feeling?”

Gemini : ” Yes, she just thinks I’m being dramatic.”

Zodiach: ” Have you tried to do this face to face in a relaxed setting where you can really connect?”

Gemini: “I did a while back, when she would come to my house, and it was just us, I suppose that did help and we were getting on a bit better for a while. Then it just goes back to her ignoring me. Since then I have tried to text her and she ignores me”

Zodiach ” Ok, Gemini, communication is your strength. You can find a way to get through to anyone, if you really want to. You just need to take the time to think about the person and how is best to address the situation. We are confident you have the skills to do this. A Capricorn and Gemini are very different. Capricorns are very disciplined, grounded and like consistency. She may find your more sporadic communication irritating and not understand the way you react to situations. It sounds like there is a lot of stuff under the surface of this relationship, is that right”

Gemini: ” Yes, we had some stuff happen in our family and we both reacted differently.”

Zodiach ” Has there been a bit of a gap in time where you may have not seen each other for quite a while and that period of separation may have created a bit of distance between the two of you”

Gemini “Yes I did go travelling for a while and moved to a different city”

Zodiach ” Ok, so you girls have already missed out on a lot of time together. A capricorn as we said likes consistency.  Although they may not say it as they do not like to be too dramatic, maybe this has caused them to just get on with things in a capricorn way. Is there any way you can try and get the two of you together, on your own, sometime soon. Arrange to do something you know she likes, shopping or cook her dinner and just have a down to earth chat about everything?”

Gemini “I can try. It would make me feel a lot better if we managed to do that and could just start seeing each other once in a while as I really miss her.”

Zodiach: “Then its certainly worth a try. Remember being sisters happens by chance, building a friendship is choice that takes a bit of effort on both sides. Its great you are so motivated to do that. A further consultation would definitely help get to the roots of this in more depth. We would be happy to see you for a follow up and help you keep this clearly important relationship on track. For now we hope this helps and please do let us know how things go, Good luck Gemini, you have got this”

We are waiting to hear from our lovely Gemini to see how she got on and we will let you know in next weeks astrology clinic. Please do get in touch if you have are currently facing a dating dilemma, relationship challenge or need some career direction we are always happy to help.

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