What is my purpose in life? What am I here to achieve, create, deliver and contribute to the world. These are the kind of questions we all ask ourselves when we have the time to stop and think. Where do we find the answers? The universe gives you a special birthday present when you’re born to help you out, your  star sign. Your birth chart is a powerful source of information on what skills you have been gifted with to propel you towards your destiny. So what are they? Here is a taster of one skill that comes naturally to each sign.

Aries- Action

Aries are gifted with so much energy using it is pivotal in finding their purpose and satisfying their souls. Follow it wherever it takes you.

Taurus- Consistency

Stubborn bulls do not budge from their goals, make sure you pick one that makes you feel the uphill climb is worthwhile, and your sure to reach it.

Gemini- Communication

A gemini can talk there way out of anything. Use your talent to get you where you want to go.

Cancer- Nurturing

Crabs are blessed with the natural, maternal, nurturing powers. Whatever they apply them to will grow into something beautiful.

Leo- Lead

Leo’s are born with the ability to lead a nation, as Barack Obama has proven. What do you want to lead?

Virgo- Practical

A practical approach to many situations can solve a million problems. What would you like to solve?

Libra- Fairness

You bring balance to many conflicting points of view. Where could you best use your harmonious approach to life?

Scorpio- Vision

Scorpio’s are loyal to their dreams. Visualise what you want to achieve and go for it.

Sagittarius- Studying

Pick a subject close to your heart, and study till you find your calling.

Capricorn- Working hard

Capricorns have the ability to achieve their goals through pure hard work, just pick what it is you want.

Aquarius- Creating

Aquarius are blessed with an abundance of ideas and the fixity to see them though, what is it you want to create?

Pisces- Intuition

Pisces have a powerful intuition to know the right thing to do, develop this and you will find your calling.

Each sign is an exciting collection of so many different things, understanding your strengths makes it so much easier to navigate your goals. Get in touch for an in depth session to learn all about the wonderful world of you. Or order one of our awesome assessments for a quicker read.

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