What’s included?

Based on the date, time and location of a baby we create a tailor made report on where their most important planets are placed and how this will affect their personality. It gives the parents priceless tips on how to raise them, communicate with them and help them grow to their best potential.


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Why you need our baby astrology report


Are you a parent or expecting a baby?


Do you want to understand your child better?


Are you finding it hard to cope with your children?


Do you want to create the best relationship with your child?


Do you want a great gift for a new mum?

What benefits you will get

Create a healthier relationship with your children
Learn why they are not listening and how to improve communication
Navigate childhood more easily
Develop a deeper understanding of your child
Avoid arguments
Become a better parent
Strengthen the bond between you and your child
Get ideas for things they will enjoy and excel at
Great gift for baby showers and new arrivals

Happy Customers

"Zodiach has helped turn my relationship with my Mum from a disaster to a friendship. Never thought this was possible. Thank you so much."

A very happy Libra

Happy Customers

“I have finally found someone I don’t want to run away from after three months. Thank you Zodiach”


Happy Customers

“Dating was getting exhausting till Shan and Ashley came to help me. My dating angels”


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