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Book a one to one session with the experts. We can help you optimise your dating game and help you find the one. Why settle for anything less...


We get to know all about you through an in depth look at your astrological make up

We discuss your relationship history and develop a clear picture of where you need help

We work on the area’s we have identified to get you feeling confident about what you do and don’t want

We focus on where and who are the best matches for you based on a combination of your history, astrology and a special blend of our intuition.

You get dating and most importantly enjoying it, whether its wedding bells or companionship we help you find what you are looking for.

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of your first coaching session if book today

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Do you need help finding your best matches?


Are you struggling to date again after divorce or a messy break up?


Are you lonely?


Do you find the modern dating world overwhelming?


Are you losing hope with romance?

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Navigate the confusing world of modern dating
Discover your best matches
Get your glow back after a break up
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Develop your confidence
Expert advice on your best matches for compatibility
Save time from dating the wrong ones
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Get to know yourself and what you do and don’t want in a relationship
Regain your faith in romance
Find company you will enjoy
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Happy Customers

"Zodiach has helped turn my relationship with my Mum from a disaster to a friendship. Never thought this was possible. Thank you so much."

A very happy Libra

Happy Customers

“I have finally found someone I don’t want to run away from after three months. Thank you Zodiach”


Happy Customers

“Dating was getting exhausting till Shan and Ashley came to help me. My dating angels”

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