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Using Stars to Find & Forge Your Best Relationships

Personal Zodiac Coaching

If you are looking to improve any relationships in your life from romantic, family or friends, Shan and Ashley can help. Not getting on with you partner, children or parents? An individual consultation will give you all the astrological tools you need to create happier, healthier relationships with everyone from your boss to your Mum.

Dating Workshop

Come along for an hour workshop to help you understand your sun and how it affects your relationships. An informal , fun, interactive hour to ask questions and get answers from Astro-Relationship-Experts Ash and Shan, Founders of Zodiach.

Its Written in the Stars…

Whatever the question, astrology has the answer.
Make the most of your relationships with astrological consultation from Shan and Ashley

Astrological Relationship Consultation for Parents

Dating Coaching with astrology

Astrology boutique matchmaking

Relationship Coaching

Goal Setting

Relationship Coaching

Find Your Perfect Match

Parent and Children Relationship Coaching

Improve  Your Relationships With Zodiach

Dedicated Coaching With Shan And Ashley

About Us

When it comes to Astrology and relationships Shan and Ashley have qualified in the school of life.

Since they met in 2010 they bonded instantly which they put down to their sun signs, Gemini and Aquarius a matchmade in heaven. They have been dishing advice on how to improve your relationships by understanding your astrological compatibility ever since.

Ashley holds a degree in Law, and has dabbled in acting, real estate and published a novel. True to her ruling planet Uranus she is not one to conform to convention when it comes to a career path.

Shan has also had a varied career path including acting and management.

Both agree their true calling is helping others understand themselves and others through astrology based on knowledge and life experience. It can be such a relief to understand your behavior both good and bad and learn to use it in a way that makes you the best version of yourself.

Whether your an avid believer in astrology or more a sit on the fencer, everyone can benefit from knowing at least the basics about their sign and how it interacts with other peoples energies.


“Zodiach has helped turn my relationship with my Mum from a disaster to a friendship. Never thought this was possible. Thank you so much. A very happy Libra x”

“I have finally found someone I don’t want to run  away from after three months. Thank you Zodiach”  Emma x

“Dating was getting exhausting till Shan and Ashley came to help me. My dating angels” Sally x

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